EUPHA’s 6th European Conference on Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health

Equity – the Policy Practice Gap in Health

Migration has seen increased attention in recent years with over 214 million migrants worldwide. European societies are increasingly more ethnically and culturally diverse. Regardless of the reasons people leave their countries of birth, migration may impact the health status of migrants. European health systems, designed to cater to the needs of the majority population, are often ill-equipped to respond to those of newcomers and ethnic minorities. Better health outcomes for all segments of the population warrant the need for adapting health care and bridging the policy practice gap.

The EUPHA Section for Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health and The Norwegian Center for Minority Health Research (NAKMI) are hosting the 6th EUPHA Conference on Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health 2016 in Oslo.

‘Equity – the Policy Practice Gap in Health’ is the theme of the Conference. The conference will focus around the following major tracks:

  • Socio-Demographic determinants
  • Political determinants for health and the policy environment; (including entitlements, economic factors and ethical challenges)
  • Access and quality of health care services; disparities and inequities
  • Social exclusion and marginalization
  • Health system responsiveness to diversity; Good practices
  • User involvement and participation; Empowerment and levers for change
  • Professional Training and Education
  • Policies and practices affecting the living and working conditions that impact health; work safety

This conference provides a unique opportunity for all the stakeholders in the health care sector to meet, share, discuss and debate the issues related to equity in health. Inequalities in health and ethical considerations remain high on our agenda. Furthermore, cross-border sharing of information will include; best practices, prioritization, user involvement and participation, access to services and information and advancing the competence and skills of health personnel.

Notwithstanding the strides in research in the field of migrant health the pace of change in European countries are slow. User involvement is limited and the potential for improving health through empowerment of the users remains untapped. Researchers and practitioners must continue to generate evidence that provides the basis for policy and practice. The skills of health professionals must be furthered to develop approaches for adapting interventions. The 6th EUPHA MEMH conference will build on the gains of past conferences and further the unfinished agenda.